Straight Through the Wall 2020
Video Art Program

STTW 2020
Featuring Video Works By:

Tracy Abbott Szatan, Ash Coates, Eric Corriel, Moran Dankner, Kitoko Diva, Jake Frisbie, Justice David Gutierrez, Jonathan Jerome, Nic Koller, Sara Z. Meghdari, Alexandra Neuman, Jin Young Park, Lisette Ros, Jenn Ruff, and Melissa Vogly

2020 Program

Silent Self

Sara Z. Meghdari

Reframing Conventions During Quarantine

Lisette Ros


Moran Dankner

In Need of an Origin

Jonathan Jerome

Vestiges of Disappearance

Jin Young Park

Dissolved Companion

Jake Frisbie

Alternative Energy

Alexandra Neuman

Life Cycle 4

Tracy Abbott Szatan

[I come to you as the myth]

Kitoko Diva


Ash Coates

Lost at Sea

Jenn Ruff

Music composed by Peter Yanowitz

Neptune's Cathedral

Justice David Gutierrez

Empy Without Me

Nic Koller

Graphic Score for Solo Violin

Melissa Vogley Woods

Melissa Vogley Woods with improvisation by Camille Vogley-Howes

Water Will Be Here

Eric Corriel