Straight Through the Wall
Video Art Program

Featuring Video Works By:

Tracy Abbott Szatan, Erin Desmond, Raven Jackson, Nic Koller, Alexandra Neuman, Tara & Gordon Nelson, Dulphe Pinheiro-Machado, Clare Rosean, Jenn Ruff, Moeinedin Shashaei,Alba Soto & Oscar Vias and Sofia Theodore-Pierce

NYC / Video Art

As people. we constantly project our understanding of the world outward. Individual understandings intermix to create a greater shared reality (as we come together to form the cities we live in). Still, human knowledge cannot be separated from the human experience. Still, different realities exist within the scope of our cumulative understanding. STRAIGHT THROUGH THE WALL asked various artists what they want to say about the experience of being human. Tonight we present their views, intermixed, connected yet separate.

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East Village
July 11th, 8:45pm

118 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10009


Tracy Abbott Szatan

Thanks: Andrea Cruz, Esther Ferne, Ned Myerberg


Sofia Theodore-Pierce

Portrait of a Subway

Jenn Ruff

Untitled Video

Clare Rosean

Serpiente Cascabel

Alba Soto & Oscar Vias

The Chroniclers

Nic Koller

Thanks: Estevan Vianes, Mom, Jett Cain, Chalalai Fischbach, Green Ghost Studios, Julian Klepper, Katie Morales, Emma ZT, Tony Yoon, Chris Wigington & Trotter

A Guide to Breathing Underwater

Raven Jackson

Concept & Choreography by Donald C. Shorter. Cinematography & Edit by Felipe Vara de Rey.

End of Empire

Tara & Gordon Nelson

Virtual Mirrors

Alexandra Neuman

On Body On Body

Erin Desmond

Pendulum II

Dulphe Pinheiro-Machado


Moeinedin Shashaei