Straight Through the Wall
Video Art Program

The sun sets. A small audience gathers on the sidewalk. Other New Yorkers rush past, some without noticing the large projection just above their line of site. Others stop for a couple minutes to take in the spectacle. A video, over two stories tall, glows on a nearby wall.

Call for Artists

Seeking artists working in Video, Experimental Film, Performance & Animation for STRAIGHT THROUGH THE WALL’s 2019 program.

STTW is a guerrilla Arts collective that projects video art onto walls throughout NYC. With every screening, we’re incorporating art into the cityscape, projecting video on compelling textured surfaces, bringing it out of the rigid structures of galleries & exhibitions, and delivering it directly to people often in neighborhoods with little access to art.

Our 2017-2018 season included screenings in the Lower East Side, Bed Stuy, Chelsea, Dumbo, Downtown Brooklyn, Brownsville & the East Village. Each screening is 30 to 40 minutes & the events are free to all. Emerging & established artists are invited to submit their video proposals following the guidelines below.

Selected artists will create videos that play with the idea of portraits. All videos should explore the human experience or human figure. What is it to be human in this time of history, what defines us and unites us? Alternative takes on portraiture are welcome & encouraged. Straight Through the Wall seeks to better understand people both collectively & individually by assembling a diverse video program consisting of different voices & viewpoints.

All proposals must be for portrait videos (vertical dimensions - 1080 x 1920). All videos should be 3 - 5 minutes long. Once selected, you'll be asked to complete your video by March 20th, 2019. Follow the instructions below to apply...

November 20, 2018
Email your submission to:
Contact Info
Description of proposed work (max 500 words)
Artist statement or bio (max 200 words)
1 - 3 Video Samples (Links to Youtube or Vimeo)

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November 20, 2018

Email your submission to

2017-2018 Program


Tracy Abbott Szatan

Thanks: Andrea Cruz, Esther Ferne, Ned Myerberg


Sofia Theodore-Pierce

Portrait of a Subway

Jenn Ruff

Untitled Video

Clare Rosean

Serpiente Cascabel

Alba Soto & Oscar Vias

The Chroniclers

Nic Koller

Thanks: Estevan Vianes, Mom, Jett Cain, Chalalai Fischbach, Green Ghost Studios, Julian Klepper, Katie Morales, Emma ZT, Tony Yoon, Chris Wigington & Trotter

A Guide to Breathing Underwater

Raven Jackson

Concept & Choreography by Donald C. Shorter. Cinematography & Edit by Felipe Vara de Rey.

End of Empire

Tara & Gordon Nelson

Virtual Mirrors

Alexandra Neuman

On Body On Body

Erin Desmond

Pendulum II

Dulphe Pinheiro-Machado


Moeinedin Shashaei