Straight Through the Wall 2019
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The sun sets. A small audience gathers on the sidewalk. Other New Yorkers rush past, some without noticing the large projection just above their line of site. Others stop for a couple minutes to take in the spectacle. A video, over two stories tall, glows on a nearby wall.

STTW 2019
Featuring Video Works By:

Tracy Abbott Szatan, Andy Arkley, Sara Arno, Eubanks P. Coltrain, Brian Green, Inercies, Kristian King, Nic Koller, Zoe Li, Carla Maldonado, Luis Naranjo, Kameron Neal, Alexandra Neuman, Katsuki Nogami, Ryan O’Hare, Janell O’Rourke, Alison Pirie, Aimee Schaefer, Gray Swartzel, Jenn Ruff, Yijun Wang, Emma Zbiral Teller, Liz Zito

NYC / Video Art

As people. we constantly project our understanding of the world outward. Individual understandings intermix to create a greater shared reality (as we come together to form the cities we live in). Still, human knowledge cannot be separated from the human experience. Still, different realities exist within the scope of our cumulative understanding. STRAIGHT THROUGH THE WALL asked various artists what they want to say about the experience of being human. Tonight we present their views, intermixed, connected yet separate.

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Kristian King


Ryan O'Hare

Oh, Madam President!

Alison Pirie

Brothers by Blood

Brian J. Green

This work is a family collaboration between artist, mother, father and brother. I want to thank my family for their trust and participation in this work.

Round Round

Aimee Schaefer



Groundwater Vol. III

Kameron Neal

Self-Portraits with Mother

Gray Swartzel


Tracy Abbott Szatan


Yijun Wang

August to February

Sara Arno

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

Liz Zito

For My Grandma

Everything Connected

Jenn Ruff

Amazon Guardians

Carla Maldonado


Jannell O’Rourke

Janell O'Rourke - Drawings, Vincent J. Evans - Sound

Computer Space

Alexandra Neuman

created by Alexandra Neuman with help from Travis Wood

Can You See It?

Nic Koller

Thank you, Katie Morales, Jenn Ruff, Weston Morgan & Francisco Arredondo

Obstinate Obelisk

Luis Naranjo

Body at the Border

Emma Zbiral Teller

Modern Body

Katsuki Nogami


Eubanks P. Coaltrain

Thanks to DryCraeft Los Angeles, The Bobo, The Boanthropic, The Society, & Chris Wollman

What's for Dinner Tonight?

Zoe Li

Filter: @dan_moller_vfx, Image: The Skin of Our Teeth, Music: Simon Mathewson, Acting: Shelly Feng / Yu Jian


Andy Arkley