Straight Through the Wall 2020
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The sun sets. A small audience gathers on the sidewalk. Other New Yorkers rush past, some without noticing the large projection just above their line of sight. Others stop for a couple minutes to take in the spectacle. A video, over two stories tall, glows on a nearby wall.

STTW 2020
Featuring Video Works By:

Tracy Abbott Szatan, Ash Coates, Eric Corriel, Moran Dankar, Kitoko Diva, Jake Frisbie, Justice David Gutierrez, Jonathon Jerome, Sara Z. Meghdari, Jin Young Park, Lisette Ros, Jenn Ruff, and Melissa Vogly

NYC / Video Art

As people. we constantly project our understanding of the world outward. Individual understandings intermix to create a greater shared reality (as we come together to form the cities we live in). Still, human knowledge cannot be separated from the human experience. Still, different realities exist within the scope of our cumulative understanding. STRAIGHT THROUGH THE WALL asked various artists what they want to say about the experience of being human. Tonight we present their views, intermixed, connected yet separate.

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STTW 2020
Outdoor Screening Dates:

Part 1 - Friday, Sept. 25
Location TBD
Part 2 - Friday, Oct. 2
Location TBD

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2020 Program


Tracy Abbott Szatan


Ash Coates

Water Will Be Here

Eric Corriel

Version Recoil

Moran Dankar

[The Cosmos to our present]

Kitoko Diva

Dissolved Companion

Jake Frisbie

Neptune's Cathedral

Justice David Gutierrez

In Need of an Origin

Jonathon Jerome

Silent Self

Sara Z. Meghdari

Vestiges of Disappearance

Jin Young Park

Reframing Conventions During Quarantine

Lisette Ros


Jenn Ruff

Graphic Score for Solo Violin

Melissa Vogley


Nic Koller

What is STTW?

We are STRAIGHT THROUGH THE WALL, a guerrilla Arts collective that projects video art onto walls throughout NYC. We scour the city for blank building facades, willing canvases waiting above busy avenues or hovering over quiet gardens and empty lots. With every screening, we incorporate art into the cityscape, merging it with New York’s varied architecture, bringing it out of the rigid structures of galleries & exhibitions, and delivering it directly to the masses.